Equilibrium gives you the ability to designate on POs where the items are to be shipped.  Purchasing and shipping isn’t “One Size Fits All”… there are different circumstances.  You need flexibility from one order to the next.  You have the option to designate the shipment to go to the Customer, to the Job site, or to your Location.  You can even specify that you will pick up the order, or that it should be shipped to an “Other” location entirely.

Edit PO modal


But “Ship To” addresses can get tricky.  Follow these general guidelines…

  • When you choose “Customer” for the PO’s Ship To   – make sure there is a “Ship To” address specified for the Customer record.  Often we will note the billing address, but not the shipping address.  Make sure the “Ship To” box is checked if you might be shipping directly to the Customer.


  • When you choose “Job” for the PO’s Ship To – this refers to the actual project and this address may be different than the Customer’s address.  Go to the Address tab within the Job and make sure there is an address with the “Ship To” box checked.


  • When you choose “Location” for the PO’s Ship To – this means that the shipment will come to your dealer location.  If you have multiple locations, make sure you have the correct location specified here.  If you don’t see an address associated with your Location, contact your Equilibrium administrator.