UPDATE! Google has removed this option in version 71 of Google Chrome. We recommend not updating to version 71 and stay on version 70 or earlier. 

If you need to revert back to a previous version of Google Chrome to make this work, follow instructions at this link.

If your Google Chrome browser is not displaying the EQ Dashboard correctly, or you have to continually tell Chrome to “Accept” Flash to be able to view your dashboards in 3D, do the following to make it permanent so you can see them correctly every time you login. 

Your Dashboard should look like this (always):

NOT Like this:

OR Like This:

If your dashboard does NOT look like the 1st image, follow the steps below to fix it permanently:

STEP 1 – Allow Flash on the EQ Page (this only does it for the current EQ session)

In your Chrome EQ window, there is a padlock to the left of the Equilibrium URL (web address). Click the padlock and change the setting to “Allow” for Flash and Popups.

Step 2 – Make this setting permanent so you don’t have to change it again

Now that Flash is allowed, type the following in your URL window:


Scroll way down the list until you find “Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions” (or hit CTRL-F and type “Flash” to find it quickly)

Change the entry under “Enable Ephemeral Flash Permission” to “DISABLED“. 

That’s it! Now you can restart your browser and when you go to EQ it should come back to the 3D Flash version of your Dashboard.