The following bug fixes are now available in your EQ!

1) Letters “BO” (Backordered) Missing from Pick Ticket

The letters BO became missing on the Pick Ticket. This has been fixed.


2) “Printed By” on the bottom of print-outs was printing the “Owner” of the Order instead of the person printing it. It now shows the person who printed it. 

3) Copying another user’s Quote or Order would not make you the owner of the new Quote/Order. It kept the previous user as the owner. It now shows the user who copied it.

4) Marking a Service Order item as “Warranty” or “No Charge” now automatically reprices the item.

5) Deleting a required selection on an item now automatically turns the dollar indicator yellow immediately.

6) Improved behavior when dragging/moving line items.

7) When changing quantity on a line item the line is now immediately re-priced when saved.


To see all the latest fixes and features see the Equilibrium Updates page here.