Sometimes you may notice that the emails you send from EQ (Proposals or PO’s) are NOT received by the recipients. 

That’s because SOME email providers (like Hotmail for example) block emails that do not come directly from the sender’s email program, but come from an application or server that is sending email on that person’s behalf.  

EQ sends emails “on your behalf”, meaning it appears to be coming from your email (it shows your email address, like it came from Outlook or Gmail or whatever your program is) even though it’s really coming from the EQ server. Most email systems don’t block these types of emails, but some do and there’s nothing EQ can change since it’s completely up to the RECEIVER’S email provider how they treat emails.

If you’re having this problem, below is an option to get around it so your vendors or customers get the email.

Instead of sending emails from EQ, you can open the PO or Proposal in Adobe Acrobat and create the email directly from Acrobat with the document attached. This way it’s actually coming from YOUR email program instead of from EQ.

– – – – – –   FireFox Instructions   – – – – – – 

(Google Chrome Instructions at Bottom)

Step 1

Open Firefox Options

Step 2

Go to the “Applications” section and for “Portable Document Format (PDF)” select “Use Adobe Acrobat Reader” for the “Action”.  

This makes it so when you view a PO or Proposal, it opens Acrobat instead of just viewing the PO or Proposal in the EQ window. 

Step 3

Now the PO or Proposal will open in Adobe Acrobat, and inside of Acrobat you have the option to “Share” the document by either clicking the Email Icon or the Share button. 

Step 4

Select your email application (either the default system email program or a Webmail account) to send the email through. 

At this point your email application will open with an email ready to address and send with the PO or Proposal already attached to it. 

This method bypasses sending emails through EQ and allows you to send them through YOUR email program, without having to do separate steps of saving the document and manually opening your email program, initiating an email, and manually attaching the file. 

NOTE: You can also use both solutions at once – for example, if you have only a couple of people that cannot receive emails from EQ, you can do this method so they get the email, and for those that can receive emails you can use the “Email” button from the PO or Proposal in EQ and do it directly. 


– – – – – –   Google Chrome Instructions   – – – – – – 

Unfortunately Google Chrome does not give the same option to open PDF’s directly in Acrobat from within EQ. There’s an extra step. 

Save the Document

The instructions above are the same EXCEPT Step 1 and 2, which is once you have the PO or Proposal in view (within EQ since threre’s no option to open it directly in Acrobat), you have to click the “Download” button and save it. 


Open the Document in Acrobat

The saved document shows in the bottom bar, and you can click it to open it. When you click it, it should open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (if not your settings should be changed to open PDF’s in Acrobat).

Once it’s open in Acrobat you can follow Step 3 above. 

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