Tools to be better leaderBeing in a leadership position can be tough, whether it’s as the owner of a small business, the head of a department, or simply running a household. As leaders, we try to do our best – but sometimes we get too set in our ways and need something to help us pick up our game. Here are some helpful tips:

Simple Steps for Improvement

Step Away from Technology – Smart phones and tablets have invaded every second of our lives.  Though they can be useful tools, they can often hamper our abilities. Next time you’re in a meeting, turn off your cell phone and leave the tablet in your office.  Give the meeting your undivided attention.

Look People in the Eyes – Good leaders are often good listeners and communicators; but how can you be a good listener or communicator if you don’t look people in the eyes? Our lives have reached such an information-saturated level that it truly makes an impact to look someone in the eyes when you’re talking with them.

Create Time to Think – Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, creates grey “buffers” of time on his everyday calendar to give himself time to think. With meetings and appointments, all-day every-day, he was losing the ability to think of his company’s big picture, and that was his solution.  Chances are, the same may be happening for you. Give yourself some time to reflect and think about the future.

Ask How You Can Help – As the leader of your company you’re an extremely valuable asset, but employees may be afraid to seek out your wisdom. Make yourself available and ask how you can help them succeed at their job.

Leave Your Office – Unchain yourself from the desk and go out amongst your employees and customers. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your leader out and about and being positive. On that note…refer to the next point:

Give More Positive Feedback – You may think you do this already, but you can always do more. People don’t get tired of hearing they’ve done a good job, so make sure you let them know.

Be Present in the Moment – You wouldn’t tolerate someone wasting your time, so don’t waste theirs. Make sure you’re giving your employees (and clients) the time and respect they deserve. What’s the best way to do that? I don’t know, maybe by putting down your phone and looking them in the eye!

Being a leader is hard, but being an attentive and helpful leader is easier than you think.