Sell like a rockstarIt always amazes me when I hear kitchen designers compare themselves to lawyers. It usually comes out in conversations with a prospect- something like this: “Well lawyers are professionals and kitchen designers are no different. And a lawyer does X.” Fill in the blank on X to whatever action a designer wants to justify.

The thing I can’t figure out is why on earth would a kitchen designer want to compare themselves to a lawyer?

If you’re a kitchen designer, here’s why setting the expectation that you are even remotely similar to a lawyer is a big mistake:

Four Big Reasons to Avoid Lawyers

    1. Lawyers have a poor perception by most peopleLawyers are generally seen as sticklers. You know, anally retentive. They are also seen as not much fun to be around and they usually come built in with a negative first impression. If you don’t believe me, search on the number of lawyer jokes and compare that to number of kitchen designer jokes you can find.
    2. Lawyers bill by the hourDesigners often complain that prospects steal their designs and go shopping. So they charge design fees. I think we can all agree that if all you get is paid (and paid poorly I might add) for your hours creating a design, you lost. You want the prospect to BUY. So why set the perception with the prospect that you get paid by the hour? You want to set the perception that you get paid by them buying a kitchen from you.

      Plus, lawyers bill for everything. I’ve seen legal invoices for .1 hours. That’s 1/10th of an hour! If I was buying a kitchen from you and I had the perception of you billing me in 1/10 increments, I’d head for the hills.

    3. Lawyer’s services are really expensiveWho ever heard of a cheap lawyer? Comparing yourself to a lawyer sets the perception that anywhere else the prospect does go will undoubtedly be cheaper.
    4. Lawyers aren’t much funJust ask your friend who recently went through a divorce if you don’t agree. Remodeling a kitchen or buying a new home should be FUN! It should be easy. Dealing with a lawyer is never fun, and never easy.

You’re Not a Lawyer

Want to be a professional? Sell kitchens cabinets like a natural, be professional and stand on your own two feet as a kitchen designer. Not a dentist, lawyer, tax accountant, or appraiser.

Comparing yourself to a lawyer would be like me comparing myself to a rock star because I like drugs. And we all know I’m no rock star. But that’s an interesting perception I just set in that head of yours, isn’t it? Because I don’t do drugs. But now I bet you’re wondering.

Be careful what you compare yourself to with your next prospect. Analogies are powerful things that can sometimes inadvertently set powerful negative perceptions.