Patience is a virtuePatience is not just a virtue, it’s actually a required skill naturals use to win $2M+ business each year. We’ve all been single at some point (some more than others, of course), and being patient is not a strong suit on the singles scene.

It’s also not a strong suite for kitchen designers.

Sure, designers have all sorts of patience while designing. That’s the fun stuff, the creative outlet. It’s always comfortable and fun doing what you know best. But patience evaporates quickly for designers once the sale feels like it’s slipping away.

But there’s an easy way to remind yourself of how to patiently close a deal with a prospect ensuring the highest possible chance of close. Just pretend you’re single again and the prospect is someone you want to go out with this Friday for a hot date. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But some of the things we see kitchen designers do are things they wouldn’t dream of doing if it was a romantic interest they were after.

Things like:

  • Leaving 3 or 4 voicemails before the person responds
  • Asking for a long term commitment on the first or second get together
  • Getting aggressive or angry if the person isn’t responding in a way they like
  • Rationalizing that if the person went somewhere else, that person must be evil or incompetent
  • Blaming poor results on external factors or bad luck
  • Failing to change one’s approach despite overwhelming data that the current approach isn’t working
  • Spending significant amounts of time with the wrong kinds of people
  • Accepting that being treated poorly is just the way things work

Just imagine if they had stalker laws for kitchen designers. I bet you’d see a lot of designers with ankle bracelets and parole officers standing by – tasers ready. So next time you catch yourself stalking that prospect, just ask yourself the question “How would this person react to my actions if I was trying to get a date with them”?

Who knows, with patience like that you might just get lucky this weekend.

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