Bonus to closeDiscounting really is a last resort.  And I cringe writing about it because too many people leave way too much money on the table when the fabled price negotiation comes up.

So let’s talk about a better approach to discounting: Bonus to Close.  The concept is that instead of giving the prospect cash (a discount), I’m going to give them something that isn’t cash that you’ll appreciate.

For example:

  1. An upgrade they liked at a discount (instead of discounting the entire job)
  2. An extra service (i.e. include a tear out or some electrical or plumbing work as part of the installation)
  3. A discount on a future purchase (i.e 10% off a bath remodel if used within three months)
  4. An extra garage cabinet or two you have sitting in the warehouse
  5. Extended warranty outside the regular cabinet warranty

Get the idea? You get to keep your hard-earned cash and the customer gets to feel special.

P.S. If your sales commission structure doesn’t encourage behavior like this, it’s time to rethink your plan.