Puzzle piecesWe get a lot of questions from designers (and remember designers are salespeople too) on how you are supposed to ask for the order.  There are all sorts of feelings on this topic, like:

  • “It always feels awkward”
  • “It doesn’t come out naturally”
  • “I’m not sure what to say”
  • “I don’t want to be cheesy”
  • “There never seems to be a right moment to do this”
  • “People don’t normally talk like that”

It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

If you’ve built a relationship on trust then your close is just a few breathes away.  That’s because you’re about to find out your close is the most natural part of your sales process.

When you’re ready to ask for the prospect’s business, use a question like this:

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith, based on what I have proposed, are you ready to start your project with us”?

Short and sweet, and you can change the words around to fit your language style and preference.  For example, you could replace “based on what I have proposed” with “based on what you’ve seen” or “based on how you feel.”  There are a million variations.  No closing techniques, nothing cheesy — just a very straight forward question.

And then be real quiet.  And listen.

Listen for either a yes or no.

Take a moment today or this afternoon and write your one sentence close.  Then say it to yourself 100 times this week.  In the mirror, in the bathroom, driving to or from work.  Let it roll from the tongue just like a question you would ask the prospect about any other aspect of their project.

And don’t forget to ask it with a smile.