Pocket acesOk, so I have to confess, I’m a bit of a poker fanatic.  I grew up on card games (Gin, Rummy, Euchre, Pinochle, etc.) and my grandparents taught us well.  Within the last few years, I’ve developed a love for Texas Holdem (no limit) and I play it quite often.  I’ve even won a few Vegas tournaments — heck even my Mom has placed in the money table at the Aria in the City Center!

So pocket aces (which is also the name of this category of posts) is the strongest starting hand in no limit.  And it is a very fun hand to play.  You know you have an awesome chance at winning so your play style changes.  It now turns into a game of how to get everyone else’s money on the table.

How the Dealer’s Voice compares

I think The Dealer’s Voice is a lot like that.  We equip dealers, designers, reps and anyone else making a living in the industry with enough best practices that they can play their hands like they have pocket aces — every day.

So stay tuned as we begin chatting about little doses of lessons learned and things we’ve picked up in over 1,000 on-site visits to cabinet dealers since 1997.

I hope you enjoy them — and I hope these hints, tricks and techniques help you win some enormous pots in the future.