Cut costsLook up in the sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane…no- it’s a cloud, silly.  You can move your cabinet dealership or remodeling business into it – and cut your overhead expenses by doing it.

“A lot of cabinet operations view technology expenses in the same bucket as rent.  And that’s a mistake,” says Steve Foster previous Director of Operations at Southern Cabinet Company, a Charlotte based cabinet dealership.  “By putting aspects of your cabinet operation or other industry operation in the cloud, you can save big.”

Where can you save?

Well, it varies depending on how your cabinet operation is structured. Here is an example from a $5M cabinet operation in the North East.  They are a single location with 5 salespeople.

Cost Savings Area Est. Monthly Savings
Servers $300-$500/mo
Backups $100-$200/mo
IT Infrastructure $3500-$5000/mo
Managing Catalogs 6-10 hours/mo

In addition to this, you can gain valuable benefits from putting your business in the cloud. Benefits like:

Benefits Why?
Disaster recovery Most cabinet dealer’s backup and recovery capabilities are dismal at best, relying on the employees desktop or USB drive in most cases.
Remote Access Employees can access information anytime, anywhere — even from mobile devices.
Security Whose better at security — you’re netgear wireless router that you never logged into or a cloud provider who specializes in infrastructure and monitoring?
Increased Storage Employees can store more data in the cloud than they can on their desktops or laptops.
Pay as you Go You pay for what you need incrementally, instead of in one large capital purchase. You can also lower your monthly burn by reducing services when times get rough (it’s hard to reduce that $5K server you just bought from Dell).
Reduced IT Costs No on-site IT personnel needed. Existing IT staff can focus on sales, marketing and customer service initiatives instead of IT support and catalog headaches.

Whether you outsource your IT infrastructure or do it yourself, using the cloud can net up to $6K in savings per month – double or triple that if someone is building or maintaining custom kitchen software for you. 

Want to slash kitchen division overhead?  View your technology expenses differently and start running leaner now.

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