Hiring more staff 2011On a recent article from Kitchen and Bath Design News the trade publication polled several members on the industry about their hiring plans for the next year. While the recession still feels in full effect, most designers and dealers share the same sentiment that this year hasn’t been as tough as last. While most businesses seem to be staying the course and forging ahead into the new year with a reduced staff from the previous year, other businesses have been looking for outside sales reps and hired consultants to stimulate growth.

Have you asked yourself how you’re going to figure out if you need to increase or reduce staff?

Things to think about

One of the major issues in the cabinet business is that owners lack the visibility in the day to day operations necessary to make a confident decision. With so many separate record-keeping systems and haphazard spreadsheets it can be downright impossible to quickly see what resources are being allocated properly. Having all these documents stored in a unified system so your business records are easily available would be great, wouldn’t it?

That’s one of the reason’s why our customers have learned to love Equilibrium’s (formerly Aurora) Dashboards. Cabinet dealerships using Equilibrium software have all the data they need to make smart decisions for their businesses. With the ability to sort through closing ratios, order completions, and which tasks your team members are responsible for at a glance, you won’t have to rely on outside help and the burden of spending hours just to see how your operation is doing.

So where does your business fit in? Are you laboriously trying to find out if it makes sense to hire a new sales rep or designer this year? How has this past year fared for your business?