Sales pipeline softwareBreakFront Software, LLC just released the first kitchen cabinet software solution targeted towards cabinet dealers, remodelers and other industry professionals – available entirely from the web.

The web is changing it all

“For the first time ever, cabinet dealers and remodelers of any size can eliminate unnecessary IT costs, enable their salespeople to truly be mobile and streamline their operations for maximum profitability,” says Brent Jackson, President of BreakFront.

“Cabinet dealers have long struggled to simplify operations, eliminate mistakes and help designers close more sales,” said Brent.

Equilibrium (formerly Aurora) solves these challenges with a suite of tools and automated business processes for cabinet dealers, remodelers and contractors.  “It’s exciting to see so many dealers make such huge strides forward in their sales process, the way they quote and order, as well as the way owners monitor their business,” said Brent. “For everyone here at BreakFront, this is the culmination of over a decade of research, user input and hard work.”

“It’s amazing to me that I can run my entire operation in the cloud”, said John Anderson, owner of Southern Kitchens who recently signed up for Equilibrium.  “I’m a little disappointed that my competition can be up and running so quickly – but the real magic is how we’re tying all this into every business function we have.”

“I already saved $10,000 in hardware upgrades I won’t have to do this year by moving to Equilibrium,” said Tim Holick, owner of Wood Palace Kitchens. “This is going to simplify my life dramatically. Who knows, maybe I can take a decent vacation for once in my life.”

“Our goal is to make cabinet dealers more money,” said Brent.  “They way we do that is by enabling them to run leaner than ever before with their systems.”

Dealers can try Equilibrium.  All they need is an Internet connection.  Cabinet dealers can even use Aurora on an iPad.