133-tirekickers-webinarOne thing we love in our line of work is interacting with other professionals in our industry.  Thats one reason we love hosting webinars.  They allow us to be in a “room” (online) with hundreds of other professionals and facilitate the asking and answering of questions; in real time!

Recently, many of you joined our Kitchen Tire Kickers Webinar where we interviewed industry expert, Chris Mele about each of the four personas from the “How to Weed Out Kitchen Tire Kickers” whitepaper, including Time-Suck Chuck, Control Freak Monique, Flip-Flop Phillipe and Purse String Pattie. Chris and our team went through important aspects of qualifying the good from the bad apples, methods for handling difficult prospects, and more helpful tips.

Recorded webinar in resource center

If you were unable to attend the Kitchen Tire kicker webinar, you’re in luck.  We recorded the live webinar and have posted it in the Resource Center for everyone to access.  There, you will also find the pdf of the “How to Weed Out Kitchen Tire Kickers” whitepaper.