Flying pig and dollarA solid kitchen and bath sales process should begin with listening and properly qualifying a prospect’s needs; and then the goal should be getting in the home for a measure.  Your team should be properly trained and fluent in your sales process, they should be highly qualified experts, and their goals should be in line with yours as a business owner.

But, there are still companies, (big box stores can be some of the biggest offenders) who neglect the process and who hire employees without giving them the proper training they need to be successful.

When pigs fly

We came across an article that details Mark Mitchell’s time in a big box store and how he was initially surprised when approached by an employee, but quickly turned off from the sale because of the approach and some missing components.

Read his article, Did Pigs Fly at Home Depot?, and see (from an outsider’s point of view) why potential customers are walking out of big box stores unsatisfied, and usually frustrated with the kitchen and bath sales process.

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