Tape over mouthIt’s a sad day, really

It seems censorship reared it’s ugly head in the kitchen and bath industry as some LinkedIn groups deleted people’s opinions after we posed a question of how relevant people thought the NKBA is (or is not). 

And the discussion is heated no doubt.  People have real emotions and feelings on the matter.  People voiced their opinions as hundreds of emails, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter comments hit the wire.

But some groups didn’t like it

And then some groups decided that your opinions are dangerous things.  And they began deleting people’s posts.  One group deleted an entire discussion thread with over 20 people’s comments on the topic.  Why?  Because like Hunger Games, the shift of power from larger groups to individuals can be a scary thing especially when those opinions challenge the industry status-quo.

There was a time when things like this went unnoticed. When people could get away with censorship in secret corners and stamp out discussions that they deemed “too radical”.  A time when social media and the Internet wasn’t around to give power back to the individuals.

We believe it’s time to change

We believe everyone’s opinion is their content.  And that means they own it and no one can deny them that right.  People have a right to voice their opinion.  People have a right to disagree.  Debate is okay – and healthy.

So we welcome this discussion.  It’s on our turf now.  A level playing field where all can participate.  Where everyone, no matter how different their opinions are, has a voice.

We believe this industry has too many old players. Too many old thinkers.  Too many people who think they can reign in discussions because they are under the false impression that they have some sort of power over what individuals can say.

Well, here’s what we say to those of you who want that control:

Gone, baby, gone

It’s too late for that world.  Wake up.  It’s a new day.  And on the horizon is a wave of people with their own ideas.  Their own beliefs.  Their own opinions.  And no matter how unjustified you think they are – they’re legit here.

And they always will be.


Feel free to share your comments below.  We promise we will only remove the ones we don’t agree with (just kidding).  🙂