156-Equilibrium Logo RGB1Interested in the latest news with BreakFront and Equilibrium? BreakFront is happy to announce that Equilibrium now integrates with Cardell Cabinetry’s ordering system. The purpose of this integration is to cut back on the time dealerships have to take to re-key orders into the manufacturers ordering system. Cutting back the amount of time an employee spends keying in orders means more time for them to sell and work with customers, as well as eliminating mistakes made in the process.

Eliminate Ordering Mistakes

Justin Cash, Vice President of Product Development at Cardell Cabinetry, explains the integration with Equilibrium will have, “When we worked with BreakFront to tie their Equilibrium software together with our ordering system, we were able to eliminate the rekeying steps that dealers have to perform. This means that once a salesperson promotes a quote to an order inside of Equilibrium, it’s a straight shot into our ordering system – no mistakes.”

To learn more about Equilibrium’s integration with Cardell Connect, check out this recent press release: BreakFront Announces Integration with Cardell Connect