charitywater_prClean water and plumbing are afterthoughts for many of us, but they are luxuries that many across the globe do not share.  Our team at BreakFront recently decided to get involved with the non-profit group charity: water to help raise money and awareness to the global clean water crisis.

11 families each 3 taps, 1 toilet, 1 shower

Help us bring 11 households each three taps of water, a toilet and a shower, minimize waterborne deaths and diseases for them, and help them gain back their dignity.  We have an initial goal of $5,000, and with your help, we will surpass that goal.

Why did we choose this cause?  Our very own Nick Ritota, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated it best when he was quoted in a recent press release saying, “Were a part of an industry devoted to building and bringing life back into kitchens and bathrooms, two places dedicated to water, so our team at BreakFront felt a strong connection to this charity.”

Read the full press release here: BreakFront Announces Goals to Support Clean Water across the Globe

If you’d like to help make a difference, visit the kitchen and bath industry donation page.