99-4m-sales-processMany kitchen cabinet dealers already know about and utilize BreakFront’s 4M Sales Process.  What you may not know is that we offer 4M Sales Training for kitchen and bath industry professionals.

Sell like a natural

The 4M Sales Process was developed after extensive studies of kitchen and bath industry naturals, who sell over $2M in retail sales per year (regardless of market conditions).  Their practices were broken down into a simple and repeatable 4 step process, which can be learned, practiced and perfected by all kitchen and bath salespeople.

“The 4M Sales Process is what I am calling ‘revolutionary,’” says Certified Sales Trainer Chuck Chase, the newest member to the BreakFront training team.  Chase, with 32 years of experience working for a major kitchen cabinet manufacturer, believes that the 4M Sales Training will prove to dealerships that the competitive advantage in the industry is the sales process.

To learn more about BreakFront’s 4M Sales Training, check out this recent press release: CompanionCabinet Software, LLC Continues Growth through Sales Training