Highway Signpost "Paperless Office"Every three months we release an updated version of Equilibrium (formerly Aurora) that takes into account all of the feedback we receive from current users, as well as from our team who regularly tests Equilibrium.  We just released a version that includes a number of performance improvements and a few new features.

Equilibrium is now a year old and we take pride in quickly addressing any concerns we receive throughout the life of any Equilibrium version.  As more and more customers come on board, some great new ideas are brought to light.  And some of those ideas make it into future releases of Aurora.

There are two important new features based on suggestions we’ve received from our core users. Our goal has always been to make selling kitchens easy, and this release improves on this concept by providing better tools for cabinet dealers.

Fax directly to cabinet vendors

Equilibrium now gives users the ability to fax quotes directly to customers and purchase orders directly to vendors. This may not sound like the sexiest feature, but think about being able to push a button and send a fax directly from the cloud, instead of printing the document, walking to the fax machine, sending the fax, and most importantly filing the fax.  We’ve eliminated the need to file hard copy faxes for retrieval at a later date. Equilibrium stores the date, time, and other details about your fax which can be accessed within the cloud anytime you need it.

New email features

Similarly, Equilibrium now offers the ability to email quotes and purchase orders directly to various parties. With just one click, these documents can be sent (for free) without a hard copy.

Another great attribute of Equilibrium’s new emailing feature is the openness that it creates within your dealership. If Sally sends an email to a customer and the customer says he never received it, you normally have to track Sally down and ask her if she actually sent it. But what if Sally is on vacation? Only Sally can access her email to verify if the document was sent.  But with Equilibrium, anyone can check and track important correspondences and history right from their web browser. Think about how much time this will save over the course of a year.

These are just quick highlights of a few of our recent upgrades. If you’re not yet an Equilibrium customer, click the link below and in 30 minutes we’ll show you many more ways to save your dealership time and add money directly to your bottom line.

It’s a lot easier than you think.