Sometimes you just need a little evidence to prove a theory. One theory that we hear a lot is that marketing for cabinet dealers is broken. We believe that it’s not the marketing, it’s the method.

Cabinet dealers, remodelers and contractors are traditionally slow to change with the times. We see it mostly on the technology side, but lately, especially on the marketing end of the business as well.

Marketing, in general, has been the same for 50 plus years.  It’s not surprising that many dealerships still run their marketing as if they’re in an episode of the TV series Mad Men.

It’s a New Day

What worked in our fathers generation doesn’t work anymore. Radio, TV, circulars, even direct mail are things of the past. Leads generated through these marketing techniques have already done their research – online. If you haven’t branded your company properly and positioned yourself as a valuable resource, you are no different than any of your competitors. That means you’re competing solely on price.  Only, the consumer wins when it’s about price.

What We Struggle With

When downloading our free industry resources,  kitchen and bath professionals often willingly provide us with their biggest marketing struggles.  A recent random sample of 200 of these responses show that the number one marketing challenge among kitchen and bath industry professionals has to do with finding out how to market effectively.

51-Top Marketing Challenges

They tend to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. To get better results, you need to do things differently. Start discovering leads when they begin searching for information.

Enter the New Age

We call this Greenhouse Marketing. It’s here where you can grow brand loyalty while the consumer is evaluating and rationalizing their project. It’s also here where you become the expert in your market, guiding consumers to your brand.

While marketing may be time consuming, there are still ways to stay ahead of your competition without sacrificing time elsewhere.

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