How many people enter your showroom then walk out again, having purchased nothing? You may have spent time with these potential customers, used a variety of sales techniques, and invested your energy, all for nothing. These individuals may have left for a variety of reasons, many of which you cannot control. Other reasons, you can mitigate – keeping your customer in the showroom and giving them a chance to purchase something.

Keeping your customer happy while in the showroom is one of best industry sales management techniques you can employ. Here are some little extras for your showroom that will do just that!

Providing Snacks and Beverages

Abraham Maslow, renowned humanistic psychologist, suggested that individuals act according to a hierarchy of needs. Only once an individual has met the needs on a lower level can he/she progress to the following level. The first level includes physiological needs such as breathing, food, water, sleep, and so on. The second involves needs related to resources. Having your kitchen remodeled would be included in this second level, suggesting that only once an individual has had their first level needs met (such as hunger, thirst…) will he/she consider buying kitchen cabinets.

Your best sales technique is therefore to meet the basic physiological needs of your potential customers while they are in the showroom. You can do this while also showing off the best of your kitchen cabinets. One idea is to offer free beverages to quench their thirst. Additionally, keeping a range of snacks like  chips, cookies, or crackers, in a display cabinet would also be ideal. You might even want to place a bowl of fresh fruit and napkins on the counter top. Keeping food and beverages in display cabinets will not only keep your customers’ thirst and hunger at bay, allowing them to browse for longer; but will also help them see the cabinets and fridge at use, letting your display items speak for themselves.

Creating a Children’s Area

Although unhappy children do not exactly fall under Maslow’s physiological needs, they are equally as powerful at getting parents to leave your showroom as hunger and thirst. One of your most powerful sales techniques is to keep customers’ children occupied and happy so their parents can shop. You can do this in variety of ways, some of which will also allow you to market your products to both children and parents. By installing child-sized cabinets and countertops and filling them with play cookware, you can create an area that will keep kids occupied for hours, while also making parents more likely to purchase from you. Other ideas to keep kids happy include having a TV area with kids’ movies, or an area with coloring pages and markers.

With these industry sales basics, you should be well equipped to keep customers happy, and in your showroom! When you’re actually ready to close them, they will be focused on the task at hand and you stand a good chance of success, especially if you’ve taken them through the 4M sales process we’ve perfected. More information on the 4M sales process was.