Cloud Powered Computers Isolated on White BackgroundWhile the past few years have been trying on many businesses, there’s a cloud with a silver lining in sight.  Software as a Service (commonly known as SaaS or “cloud” software) is revolutionizing the way companies operate.  Gone are the days of outrageously expensive software that has to be installed on your business computers.  Web-based software is now available and affordable.  It is now being utilized by countless industries – including accounting, transportation, manufacturing and sales.

Web-based software is giving businesses a competitive edge by providing cost savings, increased speed and more mobility. It’s time to take a look at an industry specific software so your company doesn’t get left in a cloud of dust.

Your software provider: Choose wisely

Web-based software is exactly what it sounds like – software that is available anywhere you can access the internet. When developed properly, this software is affordable, easy to use and will transform your business into a well-oiled machine.  The right software will quickly pay for itself.  Free manufacturer pricing programs may be enticing, but we’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for.”  If you want to increase your sales, don’t cut corners (the future of your business is not something you want to skimp on).  Go with a high quality web-based software provider who not only has a proven track record with successful businesses, but also has experts standing by to help you with your new system.

Who benefits from web-based software?

Businesses looking to lower costs, share information more efficiently, and increase customer service and mobility have found success with web-based software.  Web-based software is also for anyone looking to increase sales and profitability, and decrease stress and paperwork.

Time is money. How much time are you wasting manually writing quotes, changing orders, revisiting build-sites due to mistakes and apologizing to customers for the extra time they’ll be waiting for their kitchen to be finished?

What can Industry Specific Software do for you?

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with web-based software, think about your current operation.  Where do you see a need for improvement?  Do you see bottlenecks in productivity?  The right software will smoothly integrate into your operation and allow you and your team to do all of the following AND more:

  • Go paperless. Save some trees and free up your sales team’s time.
  • Streamline purchasing orders (eliminate re-keying), and organize your scheduling all in one place.
  • Accelerate orders through electronic ordering.
  • Control your quoting and bidding. Use customizable pricing and installation profiles.
  • Impress your clients with on-the-spot kitchen and bath layouts imported from your design software.
  • Reduce IT costs. No servers or software updates required.
  • Work from anywhere in the world, on any computer with an internet connection while keeping track of your team and their progress.
  • Have a technical support team there to help you every step of the process.

Many cabinet dealers and remodelers have already reported increased revenues and reduced costs as a result of implementing web-based industry spefcific software like Equilibrium (formerly Aurora). What are you waiting for?