137-dealers-voice-logoAs you know last week we had scheduled our first TweetChat for 2013, unfortunately TweetChat was down and we were unable to talk with you all about the third step in our 4M sales process – the Match Phase. We truly apologize for the hiccup in technology that kept us from answering your questions and chatting about different sales techniques.

Since we don’t want to leave you hanging with what to do after the Measure Phase, we’ve rescheduled our TweetChat for this Friday, January 11 at 1:00pm EST. We will have our team of experts here to exchange industry tips and tricks with you regarding best practices to present designs, walk customers through the process and get them to the next step.

Below are the questions that we will be asking as a starting point for conversations this Friday:

  1. What important details do you make sure you have straight before moving forward with the design?
  2. How many designs do you present initially to the customer?
  3. How do you organize your designs when presenting to the customer? (by price/features/other)
  4. What details do you typically highlight/make the prospect aware of when presenting each design?
  5. Where physically do you present your designs to the customer? (room/location)
  6. Do you always present every single one of your initial designs, or do you stop if they’ve seen enough?
  7. If there is a competitor design involved, what tactics do you use to sell them on yours instead?
  8. How do you sell the prospect a design if they don’t seem 100% convinced?
  9. If they are not convinced, what is the timeframe you set for a decision?
  10. If the prospect says yes to your services, what is your next step?

If you’ve yet to attended a TweetChat (we know, sometimes you’re busy), click here for instructions on how to login to the chat and get started.

We look forward to chatting with you on Friday! For more information on the 4M Sales process, download the free 4M Power Pack eBook below.