If your business were able to look in a mirror, would it like what it saw?
Would it be able to truthfully look at itself both physically and internally and say to itself, “Dang, I look good”?  Do others seem to be attracted to your business? And, how does it look when compared to others in its league?

Those all may seem like silly questions when talking about business, but if you want to stay ahead in today’s business world, you’re going to need to bring sexy back. *Cue the Justin Timberlake music*

I always love a good makeover.

What makes a business sexy?

Well, let’s see…what makes a person sexy?  You might say someone is sexy who is physically fit, helpful, confident, intelligent, funny and there for you every step of the way.

What a coincidence!  Those are all adjectives that can also be used to describe a sexy kitchen and bath dealership or remodeling business.  In this multi-part makeover series, we’ll go through some sexy adjectives to see if your business measures up…starting with physically attractive.

Physically Attractive

Showroom – Are all the pieces of your dealership kempt from the showroom to your website?  No one wants to be with someone who can’t take care of themselves, and they certainly won’t work with a business that can’t take care of itself either. Make sure you keep your business presentable. You should have a spotless showroom that flows nicely, and while you’re at it, why not spiff it up and make it different?  Read the Showroom of the Future for some ideas.

Staff – You should look presentable as well – dress the part and look professional. While you’re at work, you are an extension of your business.  If you’re not dressing and acting the part, you’re making your business less-attractive.  Make sure there are ground-rules in place when it comes to dress code.  Anyone who works face-to-face with clients should be approachable and professional looking (no graphic t-shirts or beachy flip-flops, please).  When a prospect approaches you for help, they should be greeted with a smile; and if a client calls the dealership, answer with a smile as well (smiles can be heard, believe it or not…test it out yourself).

Website – As for your company website, it should be clean and easy-to-follow.  If we were to visit your website, would it look like it came straight out of the 80s with flashing neon buttons begging to be clicked?  Would it talk too much about you?  Or, would the website be attractive, clean-cut and easy-to read?  When it comes to websites, it’s best to not overdo things.  Keep everything clean and navigable; and remember – no one is going to sit there and listen to everything you have to say for hours on end.  Give them some of what they need, but make them contact you for more.

There are many ways to make your business sexy – starting with first appearance.  Make sure all aspects of your business are physically attractive; and then we can check some other sexy adjectives off of our list once that is in order!

Sometimes all you get is one look – make sure your business makes people do a double-take.