DefibrillationPrior to the housing market bubble, much of the cabinet sales market was devoted to the contractor – or more specifically, the residential home builder. We’ve all had to adapt and change. Some dealers have added other product offerings: flooring, specialty mouldings, rugs, home furnishings, etc; while others have sought out the remodeling business.

Any and all of these are good. We do what we must to be able to open the doors of our businesses each day. But, your main focus should be cabinet sales. You know the business, the products and the value. For those who have tried what you thought was everything, hang in there. We’ve got a few suggestions, and they may even trigger your own new ideas that will move your dealership forward.

  • Staff Brainstorming — You and your sales team are in the same boat. Meet once a week and ask for new ideas and possibilities to increase potential cabinet sales.
  • Real Estate Agents — Real estate agents often have great tips on how to make a home more attractive to buyers. Establish a rapport with these agents, and when homebuyers bring up topics like new vanities, kitchen cabinets, upgraded doors or hardware; these agents can refer the seller to your company.
  • New Industries — New manufacturing facilities, warehouses or distribution centers usually have break rooms for their employees. These rooms need cabinets. Nursing homes, clinics, daycare facilities and schools even use cabinets. Get in early and be aggressive but helpful; this can boost your cabinet sales.
  • House Flipping — We’ve all seen the signs at traffic lights and street corners: WE BUY HOUSES.  Find these individuals. They are usually buying homes near foreclosure, remodeling them, then selling for a profit.  Establish yourself with them, work out an arrangement, and use this method to increase your cabinet sales.
  • Extend Your Reach — Cabinet dealerships in surrounding counties or municipalities may have gone under. Fill the gap by making your company highly visible in these areas. This can be done through newspaper, radio, phone book advertising, billboards or simple sales calls to the area once a week.
  • Office Space — Entrepreneurs sometimes buy empty buildings, add wall partitions, do some remodeling and advertise office space for rent. These projects will require cabinet space for copier paper and office supplies.
  • Building Inspection — Check with your local or surrounding area building inspections offices once a week. Building permits are issued before projects even begin. This puts you ahead of the curve. Contact the builder or owner early and keep track of the progress so that you can be at the right place at the right time.

Increasing your cabinet sales takes creativity and innovation. Most of approaches are inexpensive, yet generate great leads. But, when it comes down to it, there is no real substitute for a first hand exchange of experiences with professionals in your industry.

With that being said, let’s open up the comments section to a discussion. What have you done to keep your cabinet dealership alive? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

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