Credit card in handThe Dow hits 15,000 for the first time ever. Jobless reports point to continued economic growth and indicate 165,000 jobs added last month alone. Even the dollar has strengthened recently. What does all of this mean?

We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired

Our nation is sick and tired of not being able to spend. Think about it. Even though we’ve had glimmers of hope in the past, nothing was ever so positive that it could crack the Velcro on our collective wallets.

We tried to be hopeful; but nothing seemed to push us over that precipice. Housing starts have risen in recent months as much as 20%. Remodeling is up (on a much larger base we might add) 3-4%. Yet that didn’t cause us to grab a hammer and smash our piggy banks.

No, we needed to be sick and tired of not being able to spend. It’s true! Just like in sales, tell the collective public that they can’t do something and, low and behold, they’ll want to change your mind.

Are You Ready for the Surge?

When consumers start to spend, the business community tends to have a knee/jerk reaction; scale up your operation. If there’s one thing this recession should have taught us it’s that we shouldn’t get caught with our pants down again. EVER!

You need to be prepared for the turn-around by making sure your sales team is ready and your processes are automated.