147-equilibrium logo rgbOur team listens closely to Equilibrium (formerly Aurora) user suggestions to provide features which make everyone’s lives easier. With our latest Spring Edition of Equilibrium we added many new capabilities that we think are pretty awesome.

New Features

In no particular order, here are a hand-full of the upgrades Equilibrium users will benefit from:

  • Advanced workflow.  Automating the craziness of your operation is now ridiculously easy.  No more training new employees on how you do business because Equilibrium does it for you.  We really wanted to knock your socks off with workflow: from automated task notification, text messaging and more, you can completely automate how quotes and orders flow through your organization.  You can even build different workflows for cash and carry, builder, retail, multi-family and more.  Want to receive a text message when a service order is inadvertently generated on your job?  No problem!
  • Required fields.  Sick of getting incomplete information from the sales team?  At certain points in your workflow, you can now require fields to be filled out.  No more incomplete information come ordering time and Equilibrium highlights missing information your sales team needs to enter at the right time – at any point in your process.
  • Commission reporting. Mark when you consider orders a “sale” for commission reporting purposes, then print out fancy reports you can use to help reduce the time it takes to figure out how to pay your salespeople.
  • Validation.  Ensure gross profit targets are met, credit approvals have been received and more.  It’s never been easier to bulletproof your operation from mistakes.
  • Enhanced email follow-up – Customize emails and follow-ups to showroom visitors, and attach relevant documents to your message (i.e. layouts, perspectives).  Equilibrium records the message for later reference and your customers can enjoy electronic communication with your sales team.
  • Purchase order scheduling – Ordering is always a headache in our industry, but with Equilibrium’s integrated scheduling, things just became a whole lot easier.  Now you can see scheduling information right on the PO for easy reference.  You can even adjust your schedule on the fly if you receive new information about scheduled shipments.
  • Customizable views – What makes software sticky is it’s ability to be customized to the unique flairs of each of your employees.  From global views everyone has access to all the way to unique custom views for individual employees, users can really make their world look exactly how they need it to.  Sales orders and purchase orders now offer unlimited custom views to make life easy.
  • Automated tasks. Script in reminders and to-do’s for your team  at certain points in your process.  Employees literally log in and start processing their work eliminating the need to triple check with coworkers on what needs to be done next.
  • Task visibility – The cabinet industry is crazy, that’s for sure.  So we revisited tasks and appointments and gave them a big upgrade.  Tasks can now be assigned to multiple people (i.e. in a purchasing department) so no one misses a beat when processing orders.  Quick views to see who is working on what task combined with detailed history on who completed what tasks is now at your fingertips.
  • New accounting and manufacturer integrations.  New integration options with popular accounting systems and manufacturer’s ordering systems (i.e. ProCab) are now available.

Equilibrium users can head over to the help section to watch videos on the new features that were listed here, as well as some that were not.