Grow Button - GreenSure, you might be a successful kitchen and bath business. You might even be known in your area or, better yet, in the industry, for being an expert in the field. But are cabinets all you offers? While it’s not necessary that you sell more than cabinets, and certainly not always recommended that dealers expand their wares, it’s an option worth considering. Adding additional kitchen hardware or countertop catalogs to your sales arsenal can give your dealership more flexibility.

But before you go through the trouble of adding more products such as granite, marble, manufactured stone, solid surface, laminate & cultured marble, you should think about two key areas:

Think about your clients

If you’re selling to builders, your choice of an additional product line might be Flooring. If you’re selling directly to contractors, however, you might take a different approach and sell a product line like Countertops.  Your builder and contractor relationships are ideal targets for growing your business into new product lines.

Think about your team

How many different product lines should you have? It is important, that no matter how many different product lines your company offers, that you have a plan to train your employees.  Hopefully, your salespeople are already experts on your existing product lines.  But they will need extensive training on additional products to quickly become knowledgeable and sell with confidence.