Very muddy Brown shoesDesign and accounting software are well known throughout the kitchen, bath and remodeling industry; but as anyone who has tried to run a business using just those two tools will probably tell you – those are just two small ingredients in the pie mix.

Great, you’ve got foundation at the beginning and end of the process, but what about all that stuff in the middle.  We like to refer to said area as “the muddy middle.”

The muddy middle

The muddy middle consists of everything else that should be managed in-between design and accounting.  You know…quoting, purchasing, scheduling, service, warranty, project management and team management (to mention a few).  So many areas – so much room for error. Unless of course you’ve discovered operational software, which has been designed to firm up the muddy middle, allowing dealers to take control and manage their operations with much more control and visibility.

But, choosing operational software is hard, right?  Well, not when you’ve got all the details laid out and your questions get answered.

Choose wisely

What are key capabilities my software should have?  What benefit can I expect for my customers?  How can I calculate an ROI on a software investment?

We hear these sorts of questions and concerns from dealers all the time, which inspired us to create a guide to help put some of those concerns at ease. In this free guide, “How to Tame Your Operation – A Guide to Choosing Operational Software” we’ve laid out a list of FAQs related to choosing software for the muddy areas between design and accounting.