tim-holickWe love to see dealers expanding their reach in different ways, like Tim Holick of Wood Palace Kitchens who started his ownradio show Food-a-Holick. Tim has been working with BreakFront for over eight years, and our team is excited to see how the radio show turns out.  We were lucky enough to get some time from Tim to talk about his new show and what he hopes to gain from it.

Q: Give us a little background on how you came into starting a radio show about cooking.

TH: “I used to have a radio show in the 90’s for about 6 years, called The Food Show. For probably the last 8 years we’ve been trying to get a show going, so I’ve been looking at different places and I finally got the opportunity to get one about four or five months ago.”

“I love to cook. I’ve taken gourmet classes three different times.”

DV: What is it like doing the show with your designer, Dianne Landry?

TH: “It’s a lot of fun! We’re not just talking about your typical recipes. We come up with popular topics based around food. We recently did a segment on juicing and what you should look for when you start juicing.”

DV: Do you think Food-a-Holick and being interested in cooking helps you understand how your customers use/buy their kitchens?

TH: “Absolutely! It’s one of the reasons I took gourmet classes – to brush up on my design skills and giving people ideas, actually. I took my cooking classes probably in the early 90’s at a local school.”

DV: What were you hoping to gain by starting back in the radio show business?

TH: “I want to get myself out there; I’m trying to market myself more. I just wrote a book for Wood Palace called ‘Dream First’ which is a small marketing type book that delivers the concept of how I believe people should be buying and what their mindset should be. The book has helped people understand where they should be in their project. The radio show is still new, but I think it will help us get our name out there.

I believe in a lot of the stuff you put out there, and I think that this will help people see how it all works even more through my marketing.”

Tim’s book Dream First is available for electronic download here.

DV: What are your favorite foods to cook?

TH: “I like to bake and I make my own pasta. I have a great recipe for wings and grilled pizza too.”

DV: What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

TH: “My oven.”

About Wood Palace Kitchens:

“Our mission, as a quality company dedicated to learning, is to continually improve our ability to provide our customers with a variety of options in the creation and purchase of a quality product, a product of value resulting from an interaction between the customer and our caring and knowledgeable staff.”

About Tim Holick:

Tim is an award winning and consummate craftsman. He is passionate about kitchens and is always driven to find a better way. He believes in personal and professional growth. Continuing education is of paramount importance. And he has been able to successfully transfer his positive energy and unyielding commitment to everyone at Wood Palace Kitchens.

The result is unmistakable to anyone who visits the Wood Palace Showroom. The creativity and enthusiasm that fills the air is so real that you can actually reach out and touch it. When you visit the Wood Palace Showroom you will understand that it really is possible to: “COME HOME TO THE EXPERIENCE OF A WOOD PALACE KITCHEN.”