New red sticker with drop shadowThis past weekend, 20+ new features were unveiled in the Fall release of Equilibrium Operational Management software, including the highly requested catalog creation tool.

Equilibrium’s new Catalog Creator allows users to create catalogs for any product or service they wish to quote (quickly), allowing dealers and remodelers to standardize the way they quote and sell everything.  In addition to creating line items on the fly, dealers and remodelers can also import from Excel, flag items as pull from stock, and much more.

Keep costs down and quote quickly

Chris Mele was quote in today’s press release: “Equilibrium’s Catalog Creator is part of our ongoing commitment to help dealers and remodelers minimize their labor costs in the years ahead.  Instead of hiring staff and ballooning overhead as the economy improves, businesses need to make prudent investments in technology so they can keep their labor costs down.”

Read the full press release here: BreakFront Announces New Catalog Creator Tool in Equilibrium for Quick Quoting.