Rubber stamp illustration showing "IMPORTANT" textThe old adages don’t lie: first impressions really are important. So why would you want a customer’s first impression of your cabinet dealership’s showroom to be a negative one? We’ve rounded up three great tips for ensuring that a customer’s first impression of your company really is a positive one, inviting them to explore further and hopefully make a purchase!

1. It’s not your grandmother’s “parlor”.

We’re living in the twenty-first century. While cabinets can be a classic and timeless product, they still need to be showcased as current products. We’re not saying that you need to go the traditional retail route and redecorate every season, but sometimes, your layout and accessories can use a change. And a good dusting probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

2. To the front of the line, please.

It’s always good to place some new and best-selling items in your showroom’s prime real estate area: the front of the room. However, try to spread out the rest of your best-sellers around the showroom, to bring customer’s attention further into the showroom where you can demonstrate to them other varieties of products. If you feel like a product should be relegated to the back corner, maybe it’s time to rethink its presence in your showroom at all.

3. Easy access.

Especially for a cabinet or furniture dealership, customers want to be able to view products from all angles. They’ll want to open drawers, peer into cabinets, and open cabinet fronts to see how far into the floorplan they open. This means that each set of cabinets needs a certain amount of space in front of it, so that clients can not only test out the merchandise, but can look at the products and move from one area in your showroom to another without banging knees and elbows on errant corners.