charitywater_vertical_blackEach day 4,100 children die from water-related diseases across the world – all of those deaths simply because they don’t have access to enough clean water.

Dealers, remodelers and contractors all deal with water every single day. Our industry is one of the few that has businesses who solely provide fixtures, appliances and items that revolve around water.  We talk about, use and install water taps, toilets and showers on a daily basis, so it’s hard to grasp that some people have never experienced clean water.

Our team recently found a group of people who make clean water available to villages in developing countries (this month, specifically Orissa, India), and we feel that this cause is one where we can truly make a difference.

It’s Time to Change Lives

It’s time to take action and help people live better (and longer) lives. With clean water, women and children in developing countries can spend less time trekking miles to water sources (most spend three hours a day doing this); allowing the children to go to school and the women to help bring income to the family. Clean water affects everything in these communities from the food they have available, to their social equality.

With the help of charity: water, villages across the world are learning the importance of hygiene, community support, education and the benefits of having a growing economy.  With each donation, people will see their community change in their lifetime. They will see children grow up and live healthy lives.  100% of the donations made to charity: water go straight into the villages, helping change the way they live, so let’s take part in something pure and beneficial to the human race.

Our team at BreakFront is proud to partner with charity: water to help raise money for this great cause. Our initial goal is to raise at least $5,000 to bring households water this year (each family receives three taps, a toilet and a shower in their home), and with your help, we can raise much more than that and surpass that goal.

Each donation (no matter how large) will help get a family that much closer to clean water.

PS.  BreakFront is matching dollar for dollar on its employee’s contrbutions.  We encourage other industry leaders to do the same within their organizations.