baby_bottle_poster800 million people live without clean water every day. Thousands of children die due to waterborne diseases every day. Children are taken out of school to fetch water with their mothers every day.

Providing clean water for villagesthat don’t have access to any can change the course of the lives of the people in the village.

Imagine being considered less than human

India’s caste system is one of the world’s longest surviving social caste systems, and being decided at birth, it is something that can never be changed. While there are different levels of the caste systems, there are also some people who are considered lesser humans and who are excluded from the caste system completely. The Dalits, plagued by this discrimination, are not allowed to use the water from non-Dalit villages.

Reduced to finding other sources of water, most of which are unsanitary and extreme distances away, the people of these villages are suffering from more than just lack of water. They are suffering from the indignity of being considered less than human.

Our industry provide taps, toilets and showers daily

The kitchen and bath industry can help make a difference for these families in India by helpingcharity: water provide clean water and sanitation solutions to rural villages in India. Our industry works with taps, toilets and showers daily, and now we have the opportunity to reach out and provide to those who have none.  We have set an initial goal to raise $5,000 (to bring 11 households taps and latrines in Orissa), but we still have a long way to go.

Help us bring the dignity back to the families who have been deemed less than others because of their circumstances. Donate to help us raise money for charity:water to provide 3 taps, a shower and a toilet in each household.