Today, K+BB Collective published an article written by Nick Ritota in their Designers’ Corner titled, “Why Sales Has a Bad Rap in the K & B Business.”  Nick’s article introduces us to the classic “designer vs. salesperson” motif, but sheds light on the fact that in order to be successful in today’s kitchen and bath industry, everyone needs to sell, and we all have to change.

The old way is messy

As most of you are well aware, closing a sale in the kitchen and bath industry has always meant a long drawn out process filled with paperwork, design after design, mistakes and re-quotes.  Customers are shuffled around from salesperson to designer while presented designs filled with gadgets and gizmos galore.  The designer’s intent has always been good, but the outcome is an indecisive, confused consumer, leading to a postponed close-date.

In his Designers’ Corner article, Nick uncovers ways to speed up the whole process, while closing more deals in the meantime.

For more on how to close more sales in today’s market, read Nick’s article here:

Why Sales Has a Bad Rap in the K & B Business