Year 2013 TargetJanuary is coming to a close (we can’t believe it either) and it’s time to start checking in on those New Year’s resolutions you told us you were making. You have no idea what we could possibly be talking about? Don’t worry – we’ve got a pretty sharp memory here and we’re going to hold you accountable for those resolutions. At the end of last year everyone promised that they would take better care of tracking their prospects through the sales process and holding their salespeople accountable. Well, have you? Because we know many of you are still in the dark ages of just “trusting” them to follow any sort of process with their prospects.

It’s Time to Simplify

Everyone has probably said this at the beginning of one year or another, but this year we are going to make it much easier for you. First things first, you need to implement an industry specific sales process that gives your team something to work with. If you’ve hired them because they could sell ice to an Eskimo, yet they aren’t doing so hot on the showroom floor, you might be lacking in your company’s sales process. Selling cabinets or a remodel is tough; it takes a lot of skill and a solid relationship with the prospect. Look for something that is simple (maybe something that’s 4 steps – wink, wink), and can be applied to a sale for any room of the house. Your salespeople will thank you.

Use a Tracking Device

We don’t mean an anklet; although if you’re having trouble finding your salespeople during the day, this might be helpful – but that’s a different story. What we’re talking about is putting in place something that will hold your salespeople accountable for what they are doing and will give you, as the owner, updates on where everyone is. Anyone can say that they’re days away from making the deal or that they are “this close” to getting a signature, but if you’re watching their progress regularly, you won’t have to worry. This doesn’t make you overbearing, it makes you a smart and business savvy owner. The best businesses in this industry are tracking where each and every sale is so that they know when money will be coming in to the business.

The best way to get on top of your processes this year is to put something in place so that you can be aware of what your business is doing. Using software like Equilibrium (formerly Aurora) can help you keep track of jobs, opportunities won and lost, how your sales people are performing and show you where you might need some work.

Are you ready to start the year with industry specific software that will change the way you run your business? Request a demo with our sales team and see the difference Equilibrium can make.