sea-of-papersTake a look around your office for a moment and check off the following as you see it:

  1. A stack of papers
  2. A roladex
  3. A file cabinet
  4. A job file in a folder
  5. A whiteboard
  6. Excel formulas minimized on computers
  7. Salespeople requoting

And the verdict is?

If you checked off any of the above, it seems you’re not being as productive as you could be.  Ok, maybe you just like to have your roladex because it makes you feel important – we’ll let that one slide; but there’s an easier way for all of it.

What happens when your client knocks a coffee over ruining all of your paperwork – or the cleaning crew accidentally erases the whiteboard?

Keep everything centralized, safe and easily accessible – in one place where you and your team can find it all as needed.  Go paperless (or at least almost paperless).