3d Little man in a trilby wearing sunglassesWell, we won’t actually give you a million dollars, but we think we can find $50K in errors  for every million dollars of business you currently do (see rules for participation). And we’re pretty much calling out the industry to accept our challenge!

What’s there to lose?

You see, the CSI Team (Cabinet Scene Investigators) are dying to wear their black caps and CSI team shirts on your site and uncover things, well, that you may be overlooking. Recently, we found almost $200K at a dealership in recurring errors in slightly under 20 minutes. Makes ya think, doesn’t it?

So what’s the catch? You have to agree to be filmed during the adventure. Of course, we want to use that stuff to show on our website. And that my friends, appears to be the rub. No one wants to admit that there possibly could be that much in undetected errors. And, take the chance of being exposed!

You look like a million dollars

So what’s the upside if we don’t find it? Well, you get to gloat and look like a million dollars. That’s right, we’ll fly a custom tailor to you to measure you for a drop-dead, custom fitted suit. And you can “nah, na nah na” us all you like.

Seems reasonable, if not slightly insane, doesn’t it? Who else in the industry would even think of something this bizarre?

Come on, we really do look great in black!