Many People Shouting Me to Stand Out in a Crowd“Give me all your time. Give me all your experience. Just give me what I want!”

We’ve all heard that one before. These pushy prospects are the favorite of the bunch right? We know you’re sighing thinking, “I wish I could put a sign on the door and keep them out forever.” Well you can’t do that, but you can turn their perpetual frown upside down with your expertise.

These customers come in wanting the world to change for them and the reality of it is, they can’t always have exactly what they want when they want it. Understanding that as a dealer is pretty serious.  If you changed your kitchen sales process for every Tom, Dick or Jane that came into your showroom, you’d never be successful.  Mr. and Ms. Pushy are no more special than any other person who comes in, so don’t let their scare tactics fool you.

Asses Their Needs

The first questions you should ask the prospects should uncover why they are really there – What is it that they need?  From there, after assessing the issue, you can start to work on solutions. Most likely, this type of customer will already have very specific solutions in mind and will want you to design it perfectly – exactly as they imagine it at their preferred price and time.

Bad idea. Taking someone else’s ideas and trying to get them on paper without any real practical process never yields a successful kitchen remodel. Find out what they want and why they are being so pushy. Is it because they have a control issue? If so, you may want to re-think keeping them as a customer (it’s ok to say no if they’re not a fit), unless you see a potential for softening. You’re the expert and should be willing to work together with them; but don’t be pushed around by someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the business.

Don’t give in just to get the sale

If you’re backing down (and giving in) because the customer seems a little more strong-willed than you’d prefer, stand your ground. If you allow the sale to move forward with this kind of mentality, you are setting yourself up to fail. Understand that by letting these great customers run the show, you lose money and kill productivity.

Adjust your process

You must think we’re crazy. Shall we all remind ourselves what adjust means? It definitely doesn’t mean complete change. If the sale is possible and you’re confident it won’t turn into a power struggle, it won’t kill your business to alter one or two steps to help make the kitchen sales process a little better for Mr. and Ms. Pushy.  This way you can get the sale without having to run around like a circus clown to make it happen. Adjust the steps (slightly), guide them towards your process, show them your expertise and watch the magic happen.