business people fighting over some us moneyTire kickers – a term coined by the auto industry to describe those prospects who are either extremely indecisive about purchasing decisions, those who actually think they’re going to buy when in reality they can’t afford the product, and those who look with no intention of buying (even if they tell you otherwise).  These sneaky creatures aren’t just interested in the auto industry… they spill into all industries – including our beloved kitchen and bath industry.  We call them Kitchen tire kickers.

Kitchen tire kickers come in every shape, size and gender; and disguised as qualified kitchen leads, they’ll suck every last minute of your time if you’ll let them.  Don’t be fooled.

Identify and eliminate

Lucky for you, you’ve got the tools you need to identify these shape shifting tricky kitchen tire-kickers.  What?  You don’t know how to identify them?  Then you must not have read our recent free whitepaper, How to Weed Out Kitchen Tire Kickers.  This new download goes over kitchen tire kickers with detailed descriptions of many common personas – from Time Suck Chuck to Control Freak Monique and the rest of the gang.

This is an entertaining and educational PDF that you won’t want to miss.

Learn the difference between Greenhouse kitchen prospects and tire kickers, meet and learn to identify each kitchen tire kicker character in qualifying, and most importantly, learn how to get them the heck out of your showroom when you need to.

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