Dachshund puppyIt’s finally 2012, and although the outlook may not appear to be as crystal clear as we’d all like, we’ve got some things to look forward to.  With each New Year come new opportunities and responsibilities.  It’s almost as if the New Year is a sort of a reset button for many of us.  And although we cannot undo what we’ve done in the past, we can set goals to strive for a better more successful future.

The New Year’s resolution is really an amazing thing.  The beauty of it is that in order to create a resolution, we must first pinpoint something that we need to change or make a realization that everything is working as-is.   It’s the chance to start fresh and push toward something we see lacking, or to recognize that things are going really well and decide to keep everything the same.  It can be a personal aspiration for better self, small business goals or even a grand plan for an entire business transformation.  You set your own goals and decide how miniscule or astronomical they should be.

New year, new kitchen sales content

CompanionCabinet has many aims for 2012, but the most important goal for us is to help more of you fulfill your business resolutions.  In order to fulfill that broad goal, we need to focus on a narrower one: continuing to create relevant content for kitchen and bath industry professionals.  This is where you come in!

We’d like to hear about your resolutions.  If you have a business goal for 2012, please share it with us by commenting below or sending it to sales@companioncabinet.com with the subject: My New Year’s Resolution.  By reading your goals, we’ll be better equipped to serve you with new meaningful content, as well as direct you to any pre-existing articles or related cabinet dealer resource center downloads.

Help us achieve our goal of helping you achieve yours.  Let’s all aim for success in 2012.

Happy New Year!!