Social media bird iconIt’s time for another Dealer’s Voice TweetChat! We had such a great time hearing and sharing industry tips on marketing and sales, so we’ve decided to keep the conversation going. The market is still trying to bounce back from some pretty rough times and you’ve all had to change the way you make sales happen, so that’s why we are going to talk all about sales processes that have worked for you (and maybe some that aren’t anymore). Join in the conversation and tell us what’s keeping your dealership running.

You’re Invited

Our #DealersVoice TweetChat will be Friday, November 2nd at 3:00pm EDT. Below, we’ve listed the topics we will be discussing during the chat:

  1. What are the advantages in following a standardized (written) sales process?
  2. What are some of your qualifying questions when meeting a potential client?
  3. How do you position your business when qualifying?
  4. What are successful methods you have used to ask for budget at this stage?
  5. What is the best way to assign probabilities for close in the qualifying stage?
  6. What is the most effective method you’ve used to determine an expected budget (which may differ from the client) at this stage?
  7. What are the most successful situational role-plays you have used?
  8. What is the most effective time period to use for internal sales meetings?
  9. What is the best way to roll up qualifying information to management for forecasting purposes?

We’re looking forward to hearing your experiences and insights next Friday. In case you haven’t been on a TweeChat before, here are some helpful directions on how to become part of the conversation.