BaloonsYou organize clients
While keeping track of leads
And show real-time dashboards
To help cabinet dealers succeed

You have calendars to schedule
Every stage of the deal
And eliminate need for paper
It almost feels surreal

You allow for placing orders
EDI, fax or email
And then from start to finish
You keep track of the sale

Management can now
Oversee their sales crew
Everyone will quote faster
And accurately, too

Customer service is better
With the available information
Because all data can be accessed
From one central location

You eliminate re-keying
And reduce rush orders
You allow for better closing rates
You almost know no borders

Cabinets, Countertops, marble
Hardware, appliances and doors
You can use all these catalogs
And also hundreds more

With access to the web
Even while on vacation
It’s simple to keep up with leads
From anywhere in the nation

With the money you’ve saved dealers
Measured by the ton
It’s hard to believe
Today you only turned ONE