Scary stuff dudeOn any other day, seeing zombies, ghosts, goblins, Miley Cyrus and Walter White/ Heisenberg impersonators walking down the street could be a scary thing (or maybe that’s normal in your neighborhood); but today is different.

The spookier the better

Halloween is here, and many of us go looking for trouble – scary movies, haunted houses, opening the door to strangers…you know…scary stuff.

In honor of Halloween, we decided to dig into the archives and pull out some appropriate articles.  While they may be scary, you’ll learn something from each one that will help you in your kitchen and bath or remodeling business.

Scary stuff:

One DREADED word – What is the most dreaded word in our industry?  We’ll give you a hint – it starts with a “C”.

Interview with a VAMPIRE: Grab your garlic…we asked a vampire questions that you’ll want to hear the answers to.

DEADLY myths – Make sure you know the truth, because believing in these myths will destine you for failure.

Torturous Acts – What is equally as scary as a colonoscopy?  Not haunted house tours…think scarier.

SCARY things in Cabinet Dealerships – Guarantee you have some of these lurking in your dealership… find it before it does you in…

And one more – just for fun:  A Spooky Halloween Poem

Happy Halloween!!!  Tweet us a picture of your costumes today (@BreakFront)- we want some ideas for next year!!