Signpost "Lead Generation"Capturing leads, your own leads, is critical in today’s economy. Consumers are educating themselves on your industry every day, through blogs, e-books, social media and podcasts.  You need to ensure that the voice heard in the market is your voice.

The greenhouse is that critical phase of the customer’s education process where they can imprint on your brand (not the cabinet manufacturer’s brand but your company’s brand). It can occur in the consumer buying process up to two years before a customer crosses your threshold. It’s here that consumers look to you to be the knowledge leader in your local market.  You can master the greenhouse by blogging, using social media and creating offers that point to your brands capabilities.

Your voice in the local market is key to your success. No one can provide lead generation like you can.

So, how do you do it?

By letting your voice be heard. By blogging with authority. By creating content that people want to download (and will gladly give up personal information to get). By campaigning your material and measuring your visits, your click-throughs, the time per page and your conversion rates.

Direct mail, phone book advertising, radio, TV and newspaper become merely supplements to your overall marketing strategy and should always point back to your online presence.

Your website should have its content evolve and change regularly giving consumers a reason to come back. It should also instill a sense of familiarity to your prospects first visit to your showroom, making the transition from the cloud to brick and mortar seamless.

Things to avoid in greenhouse lead generation:

  1. Paid search is a short term fix that is rarely done effectively by cabinet dealers and could get you quite the bill to sustain long term.
  2. Buying packaged content. Google recognizes re-purposed content and de-ranks it in SEO.
  3. Relying on a manufacturer to generate leads for you. You must take your fate in your own hands to capture your unfair share!

It’s a different market place than it was even 5 years ago. Dealers need to adapt to this changing landscape.

Grow your share in the market by creating a greenhouse for leads that convert to customers for your K&B business. More marketing tips can be accessed in your free edition of our eBook, avaibale for download below.