Engrenages 3DTechnology – one could argue that it has made aspects of life less personal – facebook “pokes” replace actual reunions, half-assed emails took over handwritten letters, and texts have become the new phone call.  It’s no surprise that some people aren’t willing to adapt.  But looking back over time, there are so many ways that technology has improved quality of life, work performance and the customer experience – that is an inarguable fact.

For the customer’s sake

Process automation is precisely what it sounds like – the strategy of utilizing computers or software to mechanize something that is done repeatedly.  This technique is used to save time and costs, especially in a business.  Think about your business and the procedures you do over and over by hand – quoting, ordering, and processing among other things.  Couldn’t they use a little automation?

Alas, the kitchen and bath industry is slow to adapt.  The sad part being, it’s not just your bottom line that suffers, but your whole customer experience.

Technology assistant

Technology and humans need to work together now to create a better, more successful business and an enhanced experience for customers. What do customers have to do with it?  Well, for starters, automation allows tasks to happen in a fraction of the time, and in a world of instant gratification, this is golden.  Service also becomes better.  Your sales team isn’t going to be bombarded with brain-numbing repetitive time consuming tasks, so they’ll have more time to optimize the customer experience.  And, if one of your sales people get sick or take leave, someone will easily be able to pick up right where that salesperson left off (without digging through their notebook or files).

All around savings

What used to take hours takes minutes, even seconds.  What used to take three people takes one.  What used to be vague becomes transparent when it comes to managing a staff, calculating gross profits or finding and fixing mistakes.  It’s almost like hiring a low-cost perfect employee who streamlines the whole process from design to accounting.

It’s right in front of you

Lucky for you, process automation for the kitchen and bath industry was invented years ago.  It has been battle tested and honed, and is now more effective and affordable than ever before.  Dealers and remodelers just like you have already hired Equilibrium (AKA the lowest-cost perfect process automation “employee”) and are no longer going through monotonous tasks that dig into the bottom line.  They benefit from fewer mistakes, more visibility, free time and happier customers.

So what exactly are you waiting for?