forkift operator in warehouseAlthough it may not seem like the most obvious request to make of your cabinet manufacturer, asking for a plant tour may be one of the best things you can do as a kitchen and bath professional. Taking a plant tour from your cabinet manufacturers will offer you a number of advantages that will increase your success as a cabinet dealer.

The following article discusses three particular advantages, including how it will increase your confidence in promoting the manufacturer’s cabinets, increase your knowledge of their cabinets, and increase your level of appreciation for your cabinet line operations.

Increase your Confidence

Do you need a little confidence booster to really sell a particular cabinet line? Do you feel like you don’t know enough about the cabinet line to really be able to sell it? Do you think you would find yourself scrambling if a client asked a detailed question?

Asking for a plant tour is one of the best ways you can quell any anxiety or uneasiness you might have about a particular cabinet line, whether it be caused by a lack of knowledge about the production process or working conditions within the plant. The plant tour will enable you to see the ins and outs of the production process, from the starting point to the finished product.

Having seen the production process, you can represent the cabinet line with more confidence, giving your customers a peace of mind about purchasing from you.

Increase your Knowledge

One of the main reasons to take a plant tour is to learn more about the production process. Having gathered that information, you are able to answer any questions customers may have. Tell your manufacturer that you hope to learn enough about the process, materials, and staff in order to answer any customer questions. He or she will design a plant tour that is conducive to learning.

Being able to actually witness the production will be more beneficial than simply reading about it. You may also find a way to use this knowledge as a marketing strategy, such as creating a pamphlet that tells the prospect their cabinet manufacturers story. This knowledge will enable you to represent the cabinet line with more confidence.

Increase your Appreciation

Like people, cabinets have a story to tell, one that is told during the plant tour. And as with people, the more you know about the cabinet’s story, the more appreciation you will have for it. Having taken a plant tour, you’ll understand the great deal of care and attention that is needed to produce each cabinet. You will then be able to relay this appreciation to the customer, allowing them to feel confident about buying from you.

Next time you have a chance, ask your cabinet manufacturer for a plant tour. For more on how to streamline your operations, check out our eBook below.