156-Equilibrium Logo RGB1Let’s face it – rekeying customer, sales order and purchase order information into accounting systems is annoying, a waste of time and costly…so why do many dealers put up with it when there is no longer a need?

Equilibrium now bi-directionally integrates with Microsoft GreatPlains accounting system, eliminating the need for unnecessary extra work.

Keeping overhead low

Many dealers, such as Markraft Cabinets, have already begun taking advantage of the accounting integration advancements and are streamlining all aspects of their businesses.

Our president, Brent Jackson explained it in a recent press release, “By sharing customer, sales order and purchase order data with GreatPlains, Markraft can process millions of dollars in business with a fraction of the labor costs most dealers require.”

Read the full press release here: BreakFront’s Equilibrium Streamlines Markraft Cabinets Ordering with GreatPlains Integration.