14-marketing finalThe last place a kitchen and bath industry professional wants to invest these days isn’t necessarily their kitchen and bath inudstry software.  As it turns out, marketing isn’t something that really hits the radar for most cabinet dealers, contractors or remodelers.

Not only do manufacturing dollars sit in buckets that businesses never use, but nationwide they continue to ignore investments in marketing.  Of course, sales has their own set of top challenges but marketing is no slouch either.

We put together an eBook on the top 15 cabinet dealer marketing mistakes, why they’re painful and easy fixes.

The eBook covers the following topics and more:

  • Why salespeople can’t do it all
  • The real differences between marketing and advertising
  • Blogging and social media for your business
  • Some interesing facts on how quickly you should be responding to leads
  • The importance of identifying your target customer
  • How you can get your own website to start generating leads

After reading the eBook, you’ll understand why it might not be the best idea to just focus on sales.  To thrive, you should be focusing on marketing too. For more of the top marketing mistakes, access your free ebook below.